Expert strategy SCRA Exam 2015

Exam : January 18, 2015

UPSC conducts Special Class Railway Apprentice Exam for appointment of Special Class Apprentices in Mechanical Engineering Department of Indian Railways. The examination will be conducted on 18 January 2015. Selection of candidates will be done on the basis of performance in written examination followed by interview of shortlisted candidates.

The written examination will comprise of papers mentioned below:

The papers in all the subjects will consist of Objective (multiple choice answers) type questions only. The Question Papers (Test Booklets) will be set in English only. In the question paper, wherever required, SI units will be used. Question Papers will be approximately of the Intermediate standard. Candidates must write the answers in their own hand. In no circumstance, they will be allowed the help of a scribe to write answers for them.

Let us discuss tips and strategies of written exam for each and every section one by one.

General Ability Test (English, General Knowledge, and Psychological test)

The General Ability Test will comprise of questions on General Knowledge, English and Mental Ability. In General Knowledge, questions are asked from History, Politics & Society in India, Environment, Constitution of India, Money and Taxation. The section also includes questions to test understanding & command over English Language, General Mental Ability and Psychological Test.

4 Candidates are required to focus on daily newspapers, magazines and journals to be updated in General Ability Test. More and More Practice of model Papers will be useful in cracking the SCRA Exam 2015.

Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry)

Candidates should focus on application of the various concepts and principles.There should be preparation of fluent revision sheet to help remember important points/formula.

4 Conceptual Clarity is a must to solve questions on Physics.

4 Practice and speed in calculations will help greatly both in Mathematics section and Physics numerical style questions.

4 Study each section of Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry, separately to avoid confusions.

4 Make a list of theorems/formula for quick revision.


For cracking the Mathematics section, knowledge of Basic Mathematics from class V to XII is required. Focus more on Objective type questions as only objective type questions are asked.

4 Candidates should know the basic rules applied in each chapter. By heart learning of formulas and their application would be perfect way to solve many questions.

4 Go through the entire Syllabus first and prepare each sub section separately. More and More Practice of Model Questions and Previous Year Questions will be very helpful for the candidates in scoring well in the exam.

4 Solve questions of 12th Level Mathematics textbook. Also take help of questions asked in IIT JEE Entrance exams. Use all the CBSE/ICSE textbooks/Guides

upto intermediate level for


Paper Subject Duration Max Marks

I. General Ability Test 2 hours 200

II. Physical Science 2 hours 200

III. Mathematics 2 hours 200

Total 600

डाउनलोड करें जागरण एप और न्यूज़ जगत की सभी खबरों के साथ पायें जॉब अलर्ट, जोक्स, शायरी, रेडियो और अन्य सर्विस