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Book: 3 - Kurukshetra

Author: Krishna Udayasankar

Publisher: Hachette

Price: Rs 499

From the author of the best selling 'The Aryavarta Chronicles', this book, like its interesting numeric title, takes readers back to the 13th century's Srivijaya empire. It was

considered to have had one of the world's strongest maritime forces. The book covers the journey of the emperor's youngest son, Nila. As the empire gets left powerless, in a political exchange, Nila voyages across the seas to land at a fishing village. Apart from the journey of the young prince, there is also an adventure ride on the high seas, filled with love and self-realization.

Book: The Big Indian Wedding: The Ultimate Guide for Dummies

Author: Sakshi Salve

Publisher: Rupa

Price: Rs 295

Just as the wedding season is round the corner, here's a book that presents some undisclosed stories associated with Indian

marriages. This book could be dear to each Indian who likes a

larger-than-life Indian marriages.Written by someone who has closely observed the tradition behind Indian marriages, here's a peppy tale filled with witty

observations, merry quizzes and some cliched Bollywood-style

proposals. Couple your weekend with this engaging tale behind one of the most significant d-day of many Indians, the big fat wedding!

Book: The Silo Effect

Author: Gillian Tett

Publisher: Little Brown

Price: Rs 599

Through anthropology, Tett explores how

individuals, teams and organizations work in silos of thought, process and products. Supporting her

arguments is a wide range of examples from some of the top business organizations in the world.These narratives

illustrate how people could behave ‘foolishly’ when they are mastered by silos but at the same time, how institutions or individuals can excel with them.

Title: Enigma of China

Author: Qiu Xiaolong

Publisher: Mullholland Books

Price: Rs.499

China today

witnesses many struggles - between tradition and

modernity, industrial development and environmental

protection, socialism ‘with Chinese

characteristics’ and full capitalism, but the toughest is between

conscience and conformity. A poet by training and inclination, Chen Cao has instead been posted to the police, where he has risen to head Shanghai's Special Cases Bureau. Chen Cao series are not only

intricate whodunnits or engaging police procedurals or a picture of a changing China, and its

modern-day faultlines but the very soul of the country as revealed in its social mores and interactions, its cuisine and above all, in its poetry. Savour the journey!


Title: Babur: Conqueror of Hindustan

Author: Royina Grewal

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Price: Rs 395

A popular hero across Iran and Central Asia, Babur has

unfortunately not earned much approbation in his adopted

country despite finding there a long-lasting empire. It is not that he is a dour, unprepossessing character shrouded in obscurity - he was the first Indian ruler to pen an autobiography. What it misses is just a longer author’s note. As an imaginative record of a seminal period of Indian history, this even surpasses Alex Rutherford's "Raiders from the North".

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1- Writing's On The Wall

- Sam Smith

2- Hotline Bling

- Drake

3- House Party

- Sam Hunt

4- Shut Up And Dance

- Walk The Moon

5- Ship To Wreck - Florence + The Machine

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