1. All living beings except for plants face the condition of fever at least once in their lifetime, but is this fever a disease?

The temperature of the body rises from its normal body temperature of 98.6o F, as in case of humans, whenever we face any malfunctioning or disturbance in the body. In reality, fever is nothing but an alarm which indicates that something wrong is happening in our body. Hence, fever is not a disease, but an indication.

2. Danger signals are Red and not green in color.

The danger signs are usually red coloured because the red colour, has the longest wavelength compared to all other colours and could be easily observed through a naked eye from large distances.

3. Cooking gas (LPG) is odourless but it can be identified when a Gas is leaked from a cylinder.

The LPG is mixed with Ethyl Mercaptan; a smelling agent which, if mixed can make any gas leaks detectable.

4. Have you ever noticed a Doctor sprinkling a drop of injection before injecting it to a patient?

It is just to remove the air present in the injection. As the air injected into blood veins can be fatal and even lead to death of the patient.

5. Cats and owls generally prey at night only because of the special Rod cells present in their eyes. The high number of rod cells enables them with the night-vision.

On the other hand, many other like sparrow, pigeon, hen, etc. have a high number of Cone cells in their eyes, which enables them to see in bright light.

Posted By: Babita kashyap