Expert strategy BITSAT 2015

Exam : 14 May to 29 May, 2015

BITSAT exam is conducted on different days with different set of questions of similar difficulty level. The exam includes short and tricky questions. As few days are left for the BITSAT-2015, candidates must take care of the following things before appearing in the exam.

Analyze yourself

Before taking the exam like BITSAT, a candidate must aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses and he/she should be smart enough to adopt the appropriate strategy to improve their chances of success. Moreover every candidate must work on their weaknesses so that they can attempt all the questions during the exam as it will increase the chances of a candidate to get selected in the exam.

Revise and review

Revision is must before every taking any undergraduate engineering entrance exam. Candidates should continuously review themselves with the help of mock tests. The final days preceding the exam are extremely crucial. Hence, it is necessary to plan out everything wisely keeping in mind all the factors.

Special focus on important topics : Now if a candidate has covered almost the entire syllabus, it’s time to revise the key topics. Begin the revision with key topics and later the candidate may cover the entire syllabus.

Prepare for the computerized test :

BITSAT is not a pen paper based exam; it is an online exam, so some practice tests will help the candidates in getting the idea of the exam. Candidates can join online mock test series to have better idea of the exam. Try to avoid breaks during these mock tests. While attempting the mock test papers, candidates should attempt all the sections and prefer to end the exam in a go.

Improve calculation skills:

BITSAT also tests the calculation skills of a candidate upto some extent. So while practicing questions, candidates must try to solve the questions on their own and reach the final answer rather than reading the solutions. These types of practices will not only improve a candidate's calculations skills but also help them in framing new and short cut tricks get the correct answer in lesser time.

Relax and stress free:

It is important to relax and take frequent breaks as these breaks help in gaining the energy. Candidates can practice yoga/outdoor physical activity or meditation as it infuses positive energy and improves concentration. Candidates should try to keep their stress at bay.

BITSAT Pattern

BITSAT is 3-hour test

consisting of 4 parts:

So go through the syllabus and pattern of BITSAT-2015 as mentioned in the brochure and try to prepare your strategy for the exam according to the

syllabus. Try to cover all the topics mentioned in the

syllabus. While preparing for the BITSAT, Candidates

strictly stick to the syllabus and they should not study anything out of the syllabus. BITSAT-2015 is an entrance exam conducted for

admission into Birla Institute of Technology and Science for its undergraduate

engineering courses to its different campuses

located at Pilani, Hyderabad and Goa. It is an online or computer based exam.

Posted By: Babita kashyap