Exam : April 4, 2015

Plan & prepare smartly

Very few days are left for the biggest and most awaited undergraduate engineering entrance exam of India i.e. JEE Main. JEE Main will be conducted on April 4th, 2015 for the admission to NITs, IIITs & CFTIs and it is the gateway for JEE Advanced which is conducted for the admission to IITs. As far as JEE Main is concerned along with studies,

candidates must take care of certain things so that they can score better in the exam. Following tips will help the candidates in taking the exam with better strategies and planning.


In last few days, candidates must try to revise the syllabus smartly. One cannot revise a whole book in so little time. For the revision candidates can go for their short notes. Every candidate must try to revise all the formulas of all the three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Moreover every candidate must try to revise all the conventional methods of solving the questions for most asked type of questions and most important topics of a subject. During revision, one should also take care that he/she is not picking up a totally new topic as it will create a mess around his/her thoughts and will make them forget their strong


Meticulous planning for exam Every candidate must have a planning in their minds before taking the exam of JEE Main. Candidates plan to start the exam paper with their strongest subject among the three, as this will help the candidate in gaining the initial confidence for solving the complete paper and Candidate must try to avoid any confusion while attempting the question paper. Candidates must try to mark the questions in which they are 100% sure; questions with confusions can be left to solve later during the exam.


Before appearing in the exam, students are advised to keep themselves away from all sorts of anxieties and tensions by indulging themselves in some fun activities. These fun activities will help the candidates in relaxing their minds. Candidates also ensure that they get enough amount of sleep before the few days of exams. Depriving oneself of sleep will result in fatigue and high stress levels with a drop in concentration levels. Candidates must indulge in some sort of physical activity for keeping themselves fit and healthy. Candidates must try to avoid television and computer as it only will increase the mental stress.

Candidate must keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to success. The only key to success is adequate practice and strengthening your strong points. Keeping these last minute tips in mind and following them will help the candidate in performing well in JEE.

Time Management

JEE Main tests how quickly a candidate can answer the questions. So while solving the questions in JEE Main, every candidate must take care that he/she is solving the questions at a very good speed and not spending too much time on a particular question. While attempting the JEE Main paper, every candidate must take care that he/she can solve more and more questions with good accuracy. JEE Main is the test of a candidate's mental ability, practical knowledge and conceptual understanding.

Posted By: Babita kashyap