Jagran Forum 2016 : When state progresses, country will grow

Whether it is politics, society, culture, or development, any discussion or debate without the mention of Uttar Pradesh cannot be complete or meaningful. The state with the largest population and diversity is the central point of India. There are hardly any records of the Government of Uttar Pradesh which are not based on performance. In fact, as the state is moving towards development, it is a matter of national interest and desire that made UP the Uttam Pradesh. Four and a half years ago, the verdict of people had shown the same vision under Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s development plank. People had hoped that a young face with new thinking and new enthusiasm will bring a big change in their lives.

It was at that time that Dainik Jagran Forum was held in Lucknow, with focus on the development of the state. So far, more than 10 different states, including Delhi have witnessed that democracy and development are central to the discussion. Five years of the government are near completion. The election scenario has intensified. There are claims that market is volatile. But the question is still the same. Has state of Uttar Pradesh benefitted? If not, then what's stopping it? Is it the lack of political will? Is it lack of resources or flaws? In the next seven to eight months, the new "five-year" plan is going to start. Jagran Forum is aiming to lay the foundations of Uttar Pradesh to Uttam Pradesh today itself.

An Objective of Jagran Forum is to seeks a well thought out and meaningful solutions and dialogue from the individual who are at top of all aspects of our national life.

Jagran Forum 2016
When state progresses, country will grow

Jagran Forum is an initiative whose aim is to bring together eminent personalities from all walks of life on one platform where they can interact and through meaningful and fruitful dialogue provide solutions to these problems in the most amenable way.

Schedule 27 June 2016

  • Special Session(11:00 PM to 11:30 PM)
  • TopicSpecial Discussion
  • SpeakerPiyush Goyal , Minister of State with Independent Charge (Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy)
  • 1st Session(11.30 AM to 12.30)
  • SpeakerShri. Akhilesh Yadav (Honourable Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Special Session(12.30 PM to 01.10 PM)
  • TopicSpecial Session
  • Special SpeakerGhulam Nabi Azad (Leader of Opposition, Rajya Sabha)
  • Lunch Break(01.10 PM to 01.50 PM)
  • Manthan Session 1(01.50 PM to 3.00 PM)
  • TopicPolitics and Electoral Reforms (The impact of heated statements, money, and religion on electoral politics)
  • SpeakerHukum Singh, Nirmal Khatri, Ambika Chaudhary , SY Quraishi
  • Manthan Session 2(03:00 PM to 04:15 PM)
  • TopicVision 2020 and Uttar Pradesh
  • SpeakerKeshav Prasad Maurya, Shivpal Yadav, Sriprakash Jaiswal
  • Tea Break(04.15 PM to 04.30 PM)
  • Final Session(04:30 PM to 05:45 PM)
  • SpeakerAmit Shah (National President, Bharatiya Janta Party)


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