Flip flops are undoubtedly one of the most favourite footwear choice for men. They are lightweight, breathable and stylish. You can pair them with jeans, chinos, shorts or pants. According to fashion designer Jenjum Gadi, ‘These days bright colored, striped, hawaiian and funky flip flops are in vogue. One should be very careful while choosing them.’ Some smart

combinations of flip flops with outfits are:

-T-shirt and printed shorts- Striped flip flops

-Casual shirt and trouser-Beige/Black flip flops

-Jeans and funky

-T-shirt-Quirky flip flops

Zubair Kirmani

Choose white flip flops for a decent and sober look.

Rajvi Mohan

Neon colored flip flops look cool with casual outfits.

Varun Bahl

Flip flops with wide strap can enhance your masculine appeal.

Manoviraj Khosla

Combine loose trousers with flip flops.

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