Book- Just The Way You Are

Author- Sanjeev Ranjan

Publisher- Random House India

Price- Rs.175

Who goes to foreign just a day after his wedding? I guess, nobody! But Sameer, who is a consultant at an investment bank, is an exceptional in this case. He had just two wishes in his life : 1. to find the true love of his life, 2. to find a career opportunity in

foreign land.

He used to consistently search for love. He even got a makeover done, spent many bucks (to impress girls), but always ended up being their good friend. Gaurav, his tarot card reader friend, always gave him sound advice regarding this. After accepting the fact that he would never be able to find a girl of his dreams, he dug

himself deep into work.

He was so engrossed in work that he eventually had no time for anything else. His mother would now and then introduce him to various girls, whom he never entertained.

He went to Shimla for a

weekend, just to be by himself. He found immense happiness and serenity in the orphanage he visited there. Later when he visited library in his city, he found a girl engrossed in

reading. He immediately recalled seeing her at the orphanage that day. After a few meetings, he proposed her (Shagun) to marriage. Her

affirmation was a dream come true for him. He surely was on cloud nine, as at least one of his wish was fulfilled.

On the D day, an international call left him in dilemma. His

second wish was also fulfilled. After getting mixed reactions from everybody, Shagun helped him in getting his things packed. He wasn’t sure if he should

celebrate the moment or leave the opportunity, but Shagun’s words gave him strength and he left for Switzerland.

Back there in India, Shagun was going through his belongings and found a diary. Her

perspective for him changed after reading it. He soon returned on a few days’ leave as he was under a guilt of leaving his wife alone on the very day of wedding.

What has God actually destined for him? Would Shagun stay back after knowing his life, desires and fate? Would he

surprise her by his sudden visit or instead be surprised by the fact that she has read his secret diary? Would he find her there or she is already gone? Would she accept him the way he is?

To know what happened, enjoy the beautiful journey of Sameer’s confused life.


Posted By: Babita kashyap

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