Book: The Orphanage for Words;

Author: Shinie Antony;

Publisher: Rupa;

Price: Rs.250

The book documents the unsaid, the forgotten, and what means nothing anymore. Old yellowing letters at the bottom of the trunk. Words that jam one's hands on the steering wheel after the lights turn green.

Lies that men tell women to get them into bed and lies women tell the men they cheat on. An old man holding his wife's hand in dementia. With traces of poetry, these stories speak of the fleeting nature of emotions and the way they run deep.with an adventure of a lifetime, as she stumbles upon an international gang of poachers. A tigress and her cubs must be saved and Tara's only partner in crime is her mysterious new friend, Satya. But can this unlikely pair save the day?The author smartly tackles the serious issue of tiger poaching along with a man versus nature story.

Book: Indian Innovators;

Author: Akshat Agrawal;

Publisher: Jaico;

Price: Rs.299

This book chronicles the journey of 20 individuals who have created cutting-edge products with global appeal. The interesting part is that the innovators come from diverse backgrounds - from those who hold a PhD to those who have had no formal education at all.

Despite the differences, the book explores how the passion to innovate united them to fight adversities and to dream for a better world.

The products range from a haptic shoe for the visually impaired and offline internet on mobile phones to low cost sanitary pad-making machines. Each of the stories celebrates the spirit of these individuals, who are fast breaking the status quo in the Indian innovation landscape.

Book: 1400 Bananas, 76 Towns and 1 Million People;

Author: Samir Nazareth;

Publisher: Wordizen books;

Price: Rs.399

The author cheerily puts in his papers to free himself from his desk and takes off on a half-year-long trip along the coastal necklace of the Indian peninsula.

This travelogue combines adventure, food and sheer enjoyment of life. The tour diary starts from the northwestern coastal tip of the country and, in a diversion,ends way above sea level at the India-Tibet border.

It chronicles discoveries about the desires, views, joys and sheer zest for living of the teeming millions of India. The book also offers recipes for some of the gastronomic delights offered in the places traversed.

Smart and Human: Building Cities of Wisdom

Author: G.R.K.Reddy and Srijan Pal Singh

Publisher: Harper Collins

Price: Rs 350

The book talks about how 20th

century changed the way we live. The human population went up from 1.5 billion in 1900 to seven billion in 2010. The hope of a better life drove and continues to drive -people to urban areas, leading to the growth of mega cities around the world.

In India, just three metropolises New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata support a total population of 55 million and

feature among the 10

smost-populated cities on earth.

This book argues that reaching utopian dreams is possible. They are not unreachable.. The 21st century could change the way we live and yet again a smart India powered by its smart cities.


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