Question Everything

Author: Mick O'Hare

Publisher: Profile Books

Price: ` 399/-

Have you

wondered why have the

tornadoes shape of an inverted cone? Or why do most clouds appear to have defined edges? Or why is the night sky black even though it is full of stars? Many such intriguing

science queries are dealt with in this compilation of 132 science-

related questions with

'unexpected' answers from the 'New Scientist' magazine.

Divided into various sub-heads like chemistry, evolution, alcohol, transport and earth, the book is the key to many such questions which leave us all wondering at times.

The MGR Murder Trial

Author: Shobasakthi

Publisher: Penguin

India, Price: ` 299/-

A young man confesses to a bizarre crime. A girl is hailed as a miracle worker when she makes a desperate appeal to God. A seaside town is plagued by

mysterious thefts. The death of a whore triggers a lifelong obsession in a teenage boy. A refugee returns to Sri Lanka to find a country engulfed in a living nightmare. In the vivid and inventive tales, the author gives shape to the unspeakable violence during the years of Sri Lanka's civil war.


Author: Maya Kavita

Publisher: Tara

Price: ` 299/-

Ella Laraway, an HR executive, leads a massive outsourcing of jobs in Toronto. Her US mentor, Odette Dodeur, is later found dead, her body shipped from Toronto to China in a barrel along with the message

'outsource this'. Accusing Laraway of

incompetence, the company CEO makes her a scapegoat in Dodeur's death and assigns her as the company's liaison with the detective investigating the

murder. But is Laraway safe? Will she be willing to kill in order to save herself?

Business Unusual

Author: Sharmila Kantha

Publisher: Rupa

Price: ` 295/-

It is January 2009. The global

economic crisis is starting to make its presence felt in India, Delhi is reeling under an unprecedented cold wave and Ramji, an

aide, has just

discovered the body of Prakash Sahni, India's top tycoon. Summoned by Mataji, the formidable matriarch of the Sahni family, Ramji sets off to investigate the tycoon's

dealings, to find her son's

murderer. Assisted by his

comrade in Delhi Police, Riaz Khan and Sahni's conflicted

adolescent son Rana, Ramji

uncovers a murky web of

financial irregularities and family intrigues that threaten to shake the very foundations of the Sahni business empire and destabilize an already turbulent nation.

Will he be able to solve the case or will he overcome by the

villainous forces?


1. Animals

- Maroon 5

2. he heart wants what it wants

- Selena Gomez

3. Dangerous

- David Guttea ft Sam Martin

4. Steal my girl

- One Direction

5. I bet my life

- Imagine Dragon


How Modi Won It: Notes from the 2014 Election

Author: Harish Khare

Publisher: Hachette

Price: ` 599/-

Marked by deep ideological divisions and a massive

advertising blitz, the 2014

general election has been

historic for its verdict. The nation witnessed a massive election campaign that can claim to have revived US Presidential polls. A political party won majority in the Lok Sabha for the first time in three decades. Noted journalist Khare offers a meticulous account of what he saw, heard and read during his tenure as Media Advisor to then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He elucidates how the different political stakeholders kneaded into their day-to-day campaign rhetoric that latent cultural angst, economic anxieties and political expectations of a nation has changed

irrevocably over the past decade to persuade the Indian voters to cast a decisive vote.


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