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China insider looks tall, but like the 1th place, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Wang Zhelin is by far the most assured centre-forward, he played Championship also played complete CBA season, Qi Zhou experience significantly more than 18 years old. But because Li Muhao don’t have to go to the Asian Games, Wang Zhe Lin one less the center of rotation, descending very quickly in the second half. Li xiaoxu Tiger tore off the inside rotation to tighten, especially in these big, Li xiaoxu is the best break-proof paint. Chinese Taipei final section half, Hong Kong’s frankwell Qi Zhou Wang Zhelin she really is a bold adventure, he wanted to use Qi Zhou physical, rebounding and shot-blocking advantage, holding the basket at the final stage.   nike blazers cheap Qi Zhou of the Chinese Taipei soon had two fouls inthe first half, playing time is very short, but it was after the fourth quarter of that game, he contributed a key cap, Chinese Taipei could not burst to the basket to score.

While most Chinese fans do not adapt, is this team so    toms womens shoes cheap far has not opened the outside three-point, and two games into the 8 three-pointers, shooting less than 20%. Ding Yan Yu airlines and save in the League playing so aggressive, but on offense and didn’t get both North, whose desperation to be seen. Ding because very aggressive defense, rebounds ahead of yourself, and there can be more than 20 minutes of playing time, but only a three-point shot against Chinese Taipei, another 6 goals all missed, save and Siger lost opportunities. Both a person’s height is 2 metres tall pitcher, the burden of responsibility is significant, but so far the Chinese team only Zhao Tailong, Zhou Peng and Li xiaoxu opened three-pointers, including a shot only Zhao Tailong. Like this if you go to Korea and Iran, the situation will be very difficult.The good news is, Hong Kong’s frankwell team formed for half a year, established a defensive attitude, 12 people basically everyone can play the defense, will full-proof, on the pick and roll, Rotary cover prevention, strength exceeded pre-season games. It is that kind of attitude, the Chinese team both have gained a big advantage in the first quarter,

this initiative now is China’s biggest asset. But after entering the playoffs, opponent of the Chinese team is getting better, increasing intelligence of the previous game left a new opponent, can “strike first” top, early access to the initiative, it is not clear.China also did not establish a nucleus of players, but after playing a few defeats, become familiar with each other, will be gradually formed a habit pattern. Now they have come to rely on the perimeter and Guo Ailun, ext relying on Wang Zhelin, knife-proof depend on Zhou Peng, shooting Zhao Tailong dependent. Every difficult situation occurs, when they need a role play, including Hong Kong’s frankwell, will tend to use a few people. Over time, the leader will appear, but the dependence is a very bad habit. China can fight, must have a role both can accept responsibility and characteristics are different.Chinese Taipei the battle, Captain Zhou Peng prominent role, no one dared shoot, he shot three minutes, Lin zhijie not prevent, he went up to solve the problem. Zhou Peng in the first half has completely frozen its Lin zhijie, Lin zhijie sudden outburst in section III, or by Zhou Peng to stop his momentum.

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