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How lockdown in 2020 changed life transformation


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Lockdown means confining yourself to your home or whatever place you are. 2020 is a year of change, innovation, creation and growth. In such different times when people are forced to sit at home, kids are also studying online from home. I can see the sun of new morning which has arisen with its own peculiar siren.

This is the best time for invention and innovation. Inventions only happen in difficult times.

If we look at the invention of a bulb which was done by Thomas Alva Edission we will see that he also got the idea to invent a luminous man made object only when his mother suffered from illness and the operation could not be done at night. We should learn and inspire ourselves from his story and may use this pandemic times as a opportunity to rebuild ourselves. There are many positive slides of lockdown which are narrated below :-

1. Family bonding — People are working from home and same is the case with kids. After work and schools we all are forced to stay together at home which has played a major role in understanding family members which we have not done service years as after office people get busy in social gatherings.

2. Self Growth – Lockdown is the time of self growth. It has given the opportunity to explore as we are forced to stay away from the social rush which was imposed on us due to different types of social presence. Its the time to eminent ourselves explore our talents and do something good for our society.

3. Transformation of Business – During this lockdown some people have lost their jobs while others have incurred huge loss in business, really a difficult time. But on the other hand this has given an opportunity to grow our idea and shape it up. This lockdown is more giving great height to the business.

4. Growth in Entrepreneurship – Opportunities for new ideas and self talent hunt have motivated people to become a entrepreneur, who will further help in job created and development of country in the coming times.


Disclaimer: The authors are responsible for the above views. does not confirm any claims, figures or facts.

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