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Salient Feature of the Budget 2016-17

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Date : february 13, 2016.


Salient Feature of the Budget 2016-17

• Provision of Rs. 1336 crore for payment of cane price arrear to farmers.
• Provision of Rs. 120 crore for new works of constructing and strengthening of link roads to facilitate transportation of cane yield up to the sugar mills and produce of farmers up to the markets.
• Provision of Rs. 897 crore for the proposed “Samajwadi Kisan evam Sarvahit Insurance Scheme”.
• Provision of Rs. 240 crore for Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme and Rs. 50 crore for “Aam Aadmi Insurance Scheme”.
• Rs. 709 crore proposed for relief works under the State Disaster Fund.
• An action plan of Rs. 2057 crore prepared to make good the losses suffered 50 drought hit districts. Besides, fodder-feed development programme also proposed for these districts.
• Provision of Rs. 200 crore for making available short term crop loan at an interest rate of 3 percent to the farmers.
• Provision of Rs. 787 crore under the National Agricultural Development Scheme.
• Target to distribute crop loan of Rs. 93212 crore for purchase of fertilizers, seeds etc.
• It is proposed to set up 150 custom hiring centres and 75 farm machinery banks for providing agricultural implements to small and marginal farmers on hire and subsidy basis.
• A Kisan Bazaar to be set up in Behraich.
• Rs. 10 crore for development of bio agriculture in Hamirpur.
• Target to produce 660 lakh MT of food grains and 14 lakh MT of oilseeds.
• Provision of Rs. 450 crore for crop insurance programmes.
• A provision of Rs. 83 crore for Bhumi Sena Yojana.
• Provision of Rs. 72 crore for installation of eco-friendly solar photovoltaic pumps on the farmers’ fields to get rid of costly diesel/power supply.
• It is proposed to set up 1000 agri-junctions under the trained agricultural entrepreneur self-reliance scheme for providing employment to the unemployed agriculture graduates/youths trained in agriculture.
• It is proposed to increase the amount of award being given to three farmers for highest production of different crops from present Rs. 20,000, Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 01 lakh, 75,000 and 50,000 respectively.
• It is also proposed to give first, second and third prizes under the separate category also to three progressive women farmers of the state.
• The provision of giving subsidy on seeds of sesame at the rate of Rs. 100 per kg. will continue as before to increase is coverage during Kharif in Bundelkhand.
Agriculture Education & Research
• Provision of Rs. 28 crore for basic facilities in new Agriculture Degree Colleges of Azamgarh and Lakhimpur Kheri and also for early start of new Agriculture Degree College under construction in Gonda.
Dairy Development
• Provision of Rs. 400 crore for setting up new dairy plants.
• Rs. 80 crore to set up a milk powder plants in Kanpur.
Animal Husbandry
• Target to produce 362 lakh MT of milk.
• Target to set up 10 units of broiler parent farming and 90 units of commercial layers farming under the UP Poultry Development Policy-2013.
• It is proposed to set up 300 Kamdhenu Dairy units, 1500 Mini Kamdhenu units and 2500 Micro Kamdhenu units.
• Rs. 40 crore for multipurpose mobile cattle medical service and Rs. 51 crore for setting up veterinary polyclinic.
• Rs. 20 crore for artificial insemination scheme in co-operation with “Pashu Mitras” and Rs. 05 crore for strengthening cowsheds.
• A provision of Rs. 18 crore for Risk Management and Livestock Insurance Scheme.
• A provision of Rs. 28 crore for improving the grading of deep frozen semen production centres at Babugarh and Rehmankheda.
• Target to provide employment to 60,000 persons through fisheries.
• 2.05 lakh members of fishermen societies/active fish breeders to be covered under the Fishermen Insurance Scheme based on free premium.
• Provision of Rs. 10 crore for making available free of cost houses to the homeless families fishing community.
Fallow Land Development
• Target to reclaim 1.30 lakh hectares of sodic land under the sodic reclamation-third projects under implementation in 29 sodic land dominated districts of the state.
• Target to reclaim 5,000 hectares of ravine land in Kanpur Dehat and Fatehpur on pilot basis under the ravine reclamation programme.
Agriculture Marketing
• It is proposed to construct a specific potato market at a cost of Rs. 102 crore in Kannauj and a specific mango market at a cost of Rs. 79 crore in Malihabad.
Horticulture & Food Processing
• Provision of Rs. 320 crore for the schemes of horticulture development and food processing and their implementation.
• Provision of Rs. 42 crore for the Mukhya Mantri Food Processing Mission to promote food processing industries.
Rural Development
• Provision of Rs. 630 crore to construct rural link roads and small bridges for agriculture marketing facilities under the Smagra Gram Vikas Yojana. Besides, a provision of Rs. 1413 crore for construction of other works related to link road for agriculture marketing facilities.
• Provision of Rs. 2300 crore for rural drinking water programmes.
• Provision of Rs. 1779 crore for Lohia Gramin Awas Yojana.
• Provision of Rs. 3162 crore for Indira Awas Yojana.
• Provision of Rs. 2031 crore for Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana.
• Provision of Rs. 300 crore for development of smart villages under the “I-Sarsh Scheme”.
Panchayati Raj
• A budgetary provision of Rs. 500 crore for CC roads, KC drains, interlocking and tiles.
• Rs. 1536 crore for clean toilets.
• Provision of Rs. 127 crore for development of cremation grounds in rural areas.
Special for Budelkhand
• The size of fund for special schemes of Bundelkhand increased from Rs. 71.50 crore to Rs. 200 crore.
• Rs. 200 for special arrangement of drinking water in Buldelkhand.
• Provision of Rs. 500 crore for rural drinking water scheme based on surface sources in Bundelkhand and Vindhya region.
• Provision of Rs. 338 crore for special schemes of Bundelkhand.
• Provision of Rs. 02 crore for supply of drinking water through tankers in Bundelkhand.
• Provision of Rs. 15 crore for oilseed for setting up oilseed plants in Bundelkhand.
• Target to supply power for at least 16 hours in rural areas and 22-24 hours in urban areas from October 2016. Besides, the government is determined to ensure 24X7 power supply without any cuts from 2019-20. An action plan is ready for this purpose.
• All arrangements have been made to increase the daily power supply from 11000 MW to 21000 MW by October 2016.
• A plan of about Rs. 11900 core for electrification of about 1,73,000 villages and hamlets under the rural electrification scheme. Electrification of 01 lakh villages and hamlets completed last year.
• About Rs. 7,000 crore for the state feeder separation scheme to ensure supply of power for at least 16 hours to rural areas and 08 hours for agricultural works.
• Provision of Rs. 150 crore for energising tube wells of power consumers in agricultural sector.
• Decision also to implement “Uday”, a scheme for financial reorganisation of power distribution companies, under which a financial assistance of Rs. 39,909 will be given by the state government to these companies. This step will not only improve the financial condition of the distribution companies but also pay the path to uninterrupted power supply in the state.
Roads and Bridges
• Provision of Rs. 14721 for construction of roads and bridges and their maintenance under the PWD.
• Provision of Rs. 541 crore for strengthening and widening of state highways and new works of constructing and strengthening the link road, small bridges, major roads and other district roads.
• Provision of Rs. 3205 crore for maintenance and repair of roads.
• Provision of Rs. 1923 core for connecting villages/settlement with cemented link roads.
• Provision of Rs. 1180 crore for construction of bridges over rivers and large nulllahs in rural areas and Rs. 635 crore for construction of railway over bridges.
• Keeping in view the top most priority accorded by the government to link district headquarters with 4-lane roads, a provision of Rs. 1111 crore for this purpose.
• Provision of Rs. 310 crore for strengthening and widening of an identified “Core Road Network” of important roads.
• Provision of Rs. 75 crore for beautification/upgradation of the roads important from tourism point of view.
• Provision of Rs. 320 crore for the World Bank aided Uttar Pradesh Core Road Network projects and Rs. 260 crore for the Asian Development Bank aided Uttar Pradesh Main District Development Projects.
• Provision of Rs. 250 crore for construction of 257 Km. long road in 07 districts of the state on Indo-Nepal border and Rs. 220 crore for land acquisition.
• For implementing development works at a faster pace, roads, bridges, drinking water schemes and sanitation, power arrangements etc. are being carried out on a priority under the accelerated economic development scheme. Provision of Rs. 900 crore for this purpose.
Urban Development
• A provision of Rs. 600 crore for Swachchha Bharat Mission Rs. 600 for Small City Mission and Rs. 700 crore for Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) schemes and programmes.
• Provision of Rs. 200 crore for Adarsh Nagar Yojana, Rs. 50 crore for Urban Sewerage Scheme, Rs. 335 crore for Urban Drinking Water Programme, Rs. 130 crore for Urban Road Improvement Scheme and Rs. 140 crore for Urban Water Drainage Scheme.
• Arrangement of Rs. 300 crore for Agra Drinking Water Supply Project.
• Arrangement of Rs. 400 crore for Naya Savera Nagar Vikas Yojana.
• Arrangement of Rs. 100 crore for development of cremation grounds in urban areas.
• Arrangement of Rs. 250 crore for the construction of elevated approach road and flyover in Sangam area in Allahabad.
• Arrangement of Rs. 50 crore for ‘Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Nagriya Shahri Punj Yojana’ for street light and drinking water system through Solar Energy Power Plant in urban bodies.
• Arrangement of Rs. 49 crore for Urban Transport Development Fund.
• Arrangement of Rs. 385 crore for CC road, Interlocking tiles, dranes, water drainage and other general facilities in malin bastis for urban areas and minority dominated bastis.
Housing and Urban Planning
• Arrangement of Rs. 400 crore for the development of Lucknow development area and all development authorities of the state and infrastructure facilities of urban areas.
• Arrangement of Rs. 300 crore for establishment of Jai Prakash Narain International Centre in Lucknow.
• Proposal of constitution of Corpus Fund of Rs. 150 crore for Janeshwar Mishra Park and its renovation.
• Arrangement of Rs. 200 crore for the construction of Agra Inner Ring Road phase-2 and phase-3.
• Arrangement of Rs. 100 crore for the construction of ‘Shan-e-Awadh’ complex in Lucknow.
• Arrangement of Rs. 814 crore for Lucknow Metro Rail Project. Arrangement of Rs. 50 crore each for Kanpur and Varanasi Metro Rail Project.
• Proposal of Rs. 50 crore for the development of ‘Model Cities’ in selected cities of the state.
• Arrangement of Rs. 1574 crore for new irrigation schemes.
• Arrangement of Rs. 745 crore for flood control projects.
• Proposal of Rs. 120 crore for irrigation facilities in Jalalabad and Taalgram blocks (Dark Zone) of Kannauj.
• Arrangement of Rs. 150 crore for multipurpose project of irrigation near Arach on Betawa river in Jhansi.
• Arrangement of Rs. 100 crore for Arjun Sahayak Pariyojana.
• Proposal of Rs. 2157 crore Saryu Canal National Project.
• Arrangement of Rs. 250 crore for Channelisation of Gomti River.
• Arrangement of Rs. 25 crore for Channelisation of Varuna River and development of banks.
• Arrangement of Rs. 5 crore for the construction of Ghats of Ganga River in Varanasi.
Minor Irrigation
• Arrangement of Rs. 549 crore for increasing private minor irrigation facilities in 78 percent irrigated area of the state.
• Arrangement of Rs. 36 crore for Free Boring Scheme.
• Arrangement of Rs. 84 crore for medium deep boring tube well scheme and Rs. 19 crore for deep boring scheme.
• Arrangement of Rs. 7 crore for Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Group Tube well Scheme.
Industrial Development
• Provision of Rs. 4003 crore for the construction of Agra-Lucknow Expressway.
• Arrangement of Rs. 1500 crore for Lucknow-Azamgarh-Ballia Samajwadi Poorvanchal Expressway.
• Arrangement of Rs. 40 crore for Electronic Manufacturing Clusters to be established on Yamuna Expressway.
• Arrangement of Rs. 15 crore for Powerloom Development Scheme.
• Proposal to establish a university after developing integrated Industrial township (Sangam City) area as Smart City.
• Decision to develop Dadri-Noida-Ghaziabad Investment area and three early bird projects, integrated industrial township, multi model logistic hub and multi model transport hub under Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Project.
• Decision to expand metro line from Kalindi Kunj to Botanical Garden and Noida City Sector-32 to Sector-62.
• ‘Export Policy Uttar Pradesh, 2015-2020’ issued with a view to encouraging export in the state.
• Arrangement of Rs. 50 crore for reconstruction of bus stations of Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation.
• Arrangement of Rs. 17 and 15 crore for the construction of Regional Transport Office in Azamgarh and Gautambudhnagar.
Basic Education
• Provision of Rs. 15,397 crore for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
• Provision of Rs. 200 crore of new scheme under mid-day-meal for distribution of fruits to students.
• Provision of Rs. 20 crore for completion of incomplete construction work of schools in villages/majras.
• Provision of Rs. 15 crore for construction of model primary schools.
Secondary Education
• Provision of Rs. 9,168 crore for various schemes of secondary education.
• Provision of Rs. 300 crore for providing incentive at the rate of Rs. 30,000 per student under amended Kanya Vidya Dhan Yojana.
• Provision of Rs. 100 crore for free supply of laptop to 10th & 12th passed meritorious students for encouraging technical education.
• Provision of Rs. 150 crore for establishment of military school in Amethi, Mainpuri & Jhansi.
• Provision of Rs. 72 crore for construction of hostel. Hostels are to be constructed on co-education basis in all the divisional headquarters in the premises of Samajwadi Abhinav Vidyalaya.
• Provision of Rs. 200 crore for payment of honoraria to part time teachers of private/unaided schools recognised by Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Board.
Higher Education
• A provision of Rs. 2622 crore made for higher education schemes.
• An amount of Rs. 25 crore made for the remaining construction works of Siddharth University, Kapilvastu.
• An amount of Rs. 50 crore proposed for setting up of State University at Allahabad.
• A provision of Rs. 35 crore made for the establishment of a research centre and also development of basic amenities at Lucknow University.
• Rs. 2.50 crore arranged for providing wi-fi facility at libraries and common rooms of the government degree colleges of the State.
• Rs. 10 crore proposed for setting up university at Ballia.
Technical Education
• Decision taken to set up 01 Engineering College each at Basti and Gonda districts.
• An arrangement of Rs. 25 crore made for setting up of an Engineering College at Mirzapur.
• Decision taken to set up 12 Polytechnics of Information technology in the state.
• To increase the participation of women in the technical education, a target of setting up of 18 women polytechnics and 15 women hostels has been set.
Vocational Education, skill development and employment
• A target of training 03 lakh youths in various trades through vocational education and skill development mission set for the next fiscal.
• Target of setting up of solar plants at 10 government industrial training institutes situated in remote areas set so that they could get uninterrupted power supply.
• Budget of Rs. four crore earmarked for upgrading government industrial training institutes as model ITIs.
• A target of setting up of 3000 cottage units under Mukhyamantri Gramodyog Rozgar Yojna. They will provide employment to 60,000 people.
• A provision of Rs. 40 crore made for Samajwadi Yuva Swarozgar Yojna in the budget.
• An amount of Rs. 10 crore arranged for the setting up of innovation cell and state innovation fund.
Medical education
• Budget of Rs. 4572 crore arranged for state medical colleges and hospitals affiliated with them and medical universities/medical institutes—(KGMU, SGPGI, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences and UP Rural Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Saifai).
• A provision of Rs. 310 crore made for the Cancer Institute Lucknow for the year 2016-17.
• Target to start educational session 2016-17 at Government Medical College Banda has been set.
• Land for construction of medical college at Chandauli allotted. Construction of medical college at Jaunpur under progress.
• Construction of Heart Diseases and Cancer Institute at Kannauj under progress.
• Target to begin MBBS course at Dr. RMLIMS from educational session 2016-17 set.
• To provide medical education, research and top class medical services at KGMU, new departments of Institutes of Paediatric Sciences, Institute of Women Health, Institute of Ophthalmological Sciences and Institute of Pathological Sciences are being aimed.
• Provision of Rs. 40 crore made in the budget for setting up of Medical College at Najibabad, Bijnore.
• A provision of Rs. 5 crore made for setting up of Sports College at Ballia.
• An amount of Rs. 6 crore to the winner of gold medal, Rs. 4 crore to silver medal winner, Rs. 2 crore to the winner of bronze medal will be given to those achieving these feet at Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Similarly, Rs. 3 crore, Rs. 2 crore and Rs. 1 crore will be given for team sport winners. The players representing State in Olympics will be provided a sum of Rs. 10 lakh as an encouragement.
• The financial assistance being provided to former players of the State has been doubled to Rs. 10,000, Rs. 6,000 and Rs. Rs. 4,000. The winners of Arjun Award, Dronacharya Award, Khel Ratna Award, Padmashree and Padma Bhushan are being provided Rs. 20,000 per month.
• The honorarium being provided to good sport trainers has been doubled.
For Social security and participation of weaker sections
• A target of covering 55 lakh beneficiaries under Samajwadi Pension Yojna for the year 2016-17 has been set. An arrangement of Rs. 3327 crore has been made.
• An arrangement of Rs. 60 crore made for running shelter homes for old age and physically-challenged persons.
• A sum of Rs. 6 crore earmarked for running authority/appellate authority for senior citizens.
• A provision of Rs. 1550 crore made for old age/kisan pension.
• Budgetary provision of Rs. 500 crore proposed for National Family Benefit Scheme.
• An amount of Rs. 1950 crore earmarked for providing scholarships to pre 10th/post 10th students belonging to SC.
• An arrangement of about Rs. 1092 crore made in the budget for scholarship for pre 10th/post 10th students belonging to backward classes.
• An amount of Rs. 683 crore earmarked for providing scholarship to pre 10th/post 10th students belonging to general category.
• Amounts of Rs. 121 crore, Rs. 1.30 crore, Rs. 154 crore, Rs. 82 crore and Rs. 41 crore proposed for the marriage of the girls belonging to SC, ST, backward class, minorities and general category.
• An amount of Rs. two crore proposed in the budget for a new scheme to provide financial help to the dependents of the safai karmcharis dying during the cleaning of the sewer.
• Rs. 340 crore earmarked under Aasra Yojna (residential houses) to provide free of cost houses.
• Rs. 100 arranged in the budget for free motor/battery run e-rickshaw yojna.
• Rs. 60 crore arranged under Rajiv Avas Yojna in the budget.
• A provision of Rs. 277 crore made under Housing for All (urban mission) Scheme.
Welfare of Physically Challenged
• Rs. 28 crore proposed for the construction of remaining works of the Dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University, Rs. 35 crore for the construction of stadium and Rs. 35 crore for the setting up of artificial limbs and rehabilitation centre.
• A provision of Rs. 4 crore made in the budget for the establishment of Rajkiya Sanket Intermediate Vidyalaya for deaf and dumb girls at Gorakhpur.
• Rs. 4 crore earmarked for setting up of Avasiya Sanket Inter College in two districts for deaf and dumb boys/girls.
• Rs. 4 crore arranged for Government Inter College for Blind Girls at Banda and Meerut.
Women and Child Welfare
• An arrangement of Rs. 400 crore made for the feeding programme of pregnant women.
• Rs. 125 crore earmarked for extremely malnourished children.
• Rs. 541 crore arranged for providing aid to destitute widows and their children belonging to general category and Rs. 96 crore arranged for destitute women belonging to SC/ST category.
• Rs. 6.50 crore earmarked for old women ashram yojna through voluntary organisations.
• Rs. 12 crore provision made under Rani Lakshmi Bai Asha Jyoti Kendra for providing various facilities.
• Upgrade of 2000 anganbadi kendras targeted. Rs. 13 crore proposed for the purpose.
• Rs. 3220 crore budget proposed for child nutrition programme.
Minorities Welfare
• Rs. 537 crore arranged for the scholarship of pre-10th students belonging to minorities, Rs. 153 crore arranged for post-10th scholarship and Rs. 150 crore set aside for fees reimbursement.
• Rs. 394 crore proposed for providing modern education in recognised madarsas/maqtabs.
• Rs. 395 crore proposed for multi-sectoral district development plan.
• Rs. 5 lakh financial assistance provided to Dar-ul-musannefeen, Azamgarh for the construction of library.
• An amount of Rs. 400 crore earmarked for the construction of boundary wall around cremation grounds. It has been increased from Rs. 200 crore previously.
• Urdu Mass Communication & Media Centre will be set up at U.P. Urdu Academy.
Weaver Welfare
• Rs. 15 crore arranged for powerloom development scheme.
• Rs. 30 crore earmarked for pension scheme for handloom weavers above 60 years of age.
• Rs. 5 crore arranged for supplying power at cheap rates to handloom weavers. Rs. 2 crore arranged for supplying power at cheap rates to the dhunkars.
Medical and Health
• Setting up of dialysis centres at 18 divisional district hospitals under process.
• Provision of Rs. 6 crore made for setting up of plastic and burn units at district hospitals.
• Provision of Rs. 519 crore made for purchase of medicines, which is Rs. 58 crore more if compared to year 2015-16.
• Rs. 306 crore arranged for purchase of medical equipment.
• A Provision of Rs. 37 crore made for setting up of hospitals, increase in beds and equipment in SC dominated areas of cities and villages.
• Rs. 20 crore proposed for providing medical benefits to 6 lakh families under Samajwadi Swasthya Bima Yojna.
• Rs. 4576 crore arranged for National Health Mission.
• Rs. 19 crore for independent feeders for 30 government hospitals.
• Rs. 10 crore earmarked for setting up of 50 bed hospitals in rural areas.
• Rs. 10 crore budget proposed for setting up of 50 bed joint/women and other hospitals in urban areas.
• Rs. 1.50 crore fund arranged for strengthening of operation theatre at Jamia hospital, Pilikothi, Varanasi.
Food & Civil Supplies
• Budgetary provision of Rs. 134 crore for distribution of double fortified salt at concessional rates in 10 districts of the state.
• National Food Security Act-2013 has been implemented in 28 districts during first phase. This act will be implemented in remaining 47 districts from March 2016 during second phase.
Peace, Security
• Budget provision of Rs. 456 crore for the expansion of Dial 100 service.
• Provision of Rs. 216 crore for modernisation of police force.
• Arrangement of Rs. 111 crore to make transport system convenient in 12 major cities of the state.
• Arrangement of Rs. 161 crore for further expansion of Smart City Surveillance System in 11 more cities.
• Provision of Rs. 40 crore for constitution of State Disaster Response Force.
• Arrangement of Rs. 40 crore for establishment of Forensic Labs in Lucknow, Allahabad, Kannauj and Jhansi.
• Provision of Rs. 400 crore for completion of new building construction works of Lucknow Bench of Hon’ble High Court.
• Arrangement of Rs. 25 crore for setting up of CCTV Cameras for Subordinate Courts.
• Arrangement of Rs. 50 crore for establishment of separate feeder for continuous power supply in Subordinate Courts.
• Provision of Rs. 50 crore for creation/running of 500 additional courts.
• Arrangement of Rs. 100 crore for construction of residential buildings of judicial officers.
• Proposal of Rs. 400 crore for construction of non-residential buildings.
Lawyer Welfare
• Proposal of Rs. 40 crore for Lawyers’ welfare.
• Proposal of Rs. 5 crore for Corpus Fund to provide financial assistance to young lawyers.
Jail Administration & Reforms
• Budgetary provision of Rs. 485 crore for construction works of jails.
• Budgetary provision of Rs. 10 crore for construction of new district jail in Lalitpur.
Forest, Wildlife, Environment and Tourism
• Decision to change the name of Forest Department as Forest and Wildlife Department for Conservation and Propagation of wildlife.
• Provision of Rs. 10 crore for the development of Dudhawa Tiger Reserve.
• Proposal of Rs. 10 crore for different development works in Nawab Wazid Ali Shah Zoological Garden. Provision of Rs. 1 crore each for construction of Butterfly Park in Lucknow and Kanpur Zoological Garden.
• Provision of Rs. 10 crore for establishment of ’’Acharya Narendra Dev Smriti Park” in Sitapur.
• Budgetary provision of Rs. 5 crore for organising Bird Festival in year 2016-17, Peacock Conservation Centre, development of Nawabganj, Sandi and Lakh Bahosi Bird Sanctuaries.
• Proposal of Rs. 2 crore for ecological and infrastructure development of Wetlands.
• Provision of Rs. 01 crore to develop Shekha Lake, Aligarh into a National Bird Sanctuary.
Commercial Tax
• A target of Rs. 57,940 crore revenue collection from commercial tax, which is 10 percent more than the fixed target of 2015-16.
Excise Duty
• A target of Rs. 19,250 crore revenue collection from excise duty, which is 10 percent more than the fixed target of 2015-16 budget.
Stamp and Registration
• A target of Rs. 16,320 crore revenue collection from stamp and registration, which is 10 percent more than the fixed target of 2015-16 budget.
Vehicle Tax
• A target of Rs. 5,124 crore revenue collection from vehicle tax, which is 10 percent more than the fixed target of 2015-16 budget.
Budget Estimates of Financial Year 2016-17
• Plan size of budget is Rs. 3,46,935 crore, which is 14.6 percent more than the budget of 2015-16.
• New schemes of Rs. 13,842 crore have been included in the budget.
• Total receipts of Rs. 3,40,120.61 crore are estimated in the year 2016-17.
• Total receipts include Rs. 2,81,555.44 crore by way of revenue receipts and Rs. 58,565.17 crore by way of capital receipts.
• Revenue receipts include Rs. 2,06,893.60 crore as share of the tax revenue in which Rs. 1,05,637.10 crore is included as the state’s share in central taxes.
• A total expenditure of Rs. 3,46,934.78 crore is estimated.
• Total expenditure includes Rs. 2,53,354.54 crore by way of revenue expenditure and Rs. 93580.24 crore by way of capital expenditure.
• A provision of Rs. 1,26,683.66 crore has been made to meet the plan expenditure.
Revenue Surplus
• A Revenue Surplus of Rs. 28200.90 crore is estimated in 2016-17.
Fiscal Deficit
• A fiscal deficit of Rs. 49,960.88 crore is estimated in 2016-17, which is 4.04 percent of the gross state domestic product, which include bonds of Rs. 13,303 crore issued under the financial reorganisation scheme, ‘Uday’ of the power companies. Leaving this amount aside, the fiscal deficit is of Rs. 36,657.88 crore, which is 2.97 percent of the gross state domestic product.
• The indebtedness of the state is estimated to be 30.3 percent of the gross state domestic product.
Consolidated Fund
• After deducting total expenditure from the receipts of consolidated fund, a deficit of Rs. 6,814.17 crore is estimated.
Public Account
• Net receipts of Rs. 7200 crore is estimated from public account.
Net result of All Transaction
• Net result of Rs. 385.83 crore from all transaction is estimated in 2016-17.
Closing Balance
• The closing balance for the year 2016-17 is estimated around Rs. 565.38 crore in which opening balance of Rs. 179.55 crore has been taken into account.
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