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Perfection,something every human tries and tries to attain in his life. Perfect not just in anything but everything. A perfect child,perfect friend,perfect lover/life partner,perfect parent,perfect achiever,perfect all and all. This blind race takes us nowhere but disappointment because instead of knowing that nobody can and has never been perfect. Still, as said ‘you don’t value what you have,you chase what’s not yours’, we want to be perfect in any manner. Women want to be perfect daughter,wife,mother and don’t know what. Men want to be perfect son,husband,father…but no-one wants to be a ‘perfect human’.



What’s a perfect human,being sensitive towards mankind, a patriot and responsible native, helping hand to those who need and are in pain…NO. A perfect human is someone who is responsible and sensitive towards every single living being on this planet. The trees,mountains,rivers,forests,oceans,animals whoever and whatever has life,breathes,feels pain,crave love and care. Not just some beings but all. Those who can walk, talk and see and those who cannot. Those who can laugh,cry and feel and those who cannot. All of them who can express their pain and sufferings and even those who can’t.



We are sensitive towards people but not all creatures. We can feel pain and have grief if we see someone in pain but we can’t feel the same pain for a stray dog which is injured. A tree that is being cut down. A river whose flow is being bound. A mountain which is being polluted. A forest that is being burnt down,and many more.Why??Because we are NOT perfect humans.Because we never think and try of being the one. We can attain perfection in other things and relations but this. So what’s the solution?Stop chasing perfection in things which are not in your hands and which is literally impossible.




We’ll keep trying and giving our best in being perfect son/daughter,perfect husband/wife or perfect whatever but that will never satisfy people.They will want more and expect more.But if we try being perfect humans,we won’t be disappointed.If we give little love towards mother nature,she won’t ask more.If we give little care to animals,they won’t expect more. If we become helping hands for those who have no-one,they won’t be unsatisfied with us but bless.
So don’t become a participant in this blind race of ‘perfectionist’…just be a human,a Perfect Human!!
Love All




डिक्लेमर : उपरोक्त विचारों के लिए लेखक स्वयं उत्तरदायी हैं। जागरण जंक्शन किसी तरह के आंकड़े या दावे का समर्थन नहीं करता है।

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