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parents to know reasons of behavior changes in kids

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Every Child and their behavior changing reasons are different as a mom its very important to find out the reason
when our kids show aggression, screaming, crying when our kids behave like this what first way comes in our mind in that situation is how we handle them
But we forget and never try to find out what is reason behind their behavior that is very important for every parents
There are many reasons behind our kids changing behavior some kids want to express their feelings but they fail in express their feelings and then start crying or screaming … also want attention when they didn’t get they become up sad and shy…. they are so young to express their feelings what they actually want and their actions change in crying and screaming
Season changing is also reason for behave change because kids need time to adjust in that season
Kids have their own world and they are very young to understand what we want from them so its not completely right as a parents to aspect them to behave like mature persons ….. we have to give him their own space to learn and understand situations and new things themselves because they are in learning stage and all things are new for them so situations are also new like we elders need time to adjust in new place or sudden situation ….and we can understand this easily how much time our kids need to understand or fit in that place or situation
Some time kids behave very worst in that situation we have to divert their mind in other things so they forget that topic i know its not easy i always follow this and it works for me or we have to first learn patience to understand or handle our kids in that situation if we parents handle that situation calmly than our kids learn from us
kids are like a flower so if have to take care them softly and carefully they want only love from us in return…
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