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Custom Designing of the Handicraft Items

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India is a country where crafts are rich in history and culture. Crafts are embedded as a culture and tradition within various communities from centuries. Wherever we go, we are part of a crowd that houses thousands of craftsmen, women and artists. Yet we do not know them, because they do not have a platform which bring their work of art to the fore. There are approximately 47 lakh artisans in India engaged with craft production for their livelihood. The global crafts market presents a golden opportunity for Indian craftsmen. Craft represents unique culture of different communities and speaks volumes about the rich and diverse heritage of India. It is a key economic factor as well as a crucial cultural indicator.



Following the  famous quote ‘Buy from people, not brands,’ uthhan initiative has created an online platform for remotely located artisans. The platform take advantage of  emerging demand for crafts and design elements that are culturally significant and locally made. Uthhan has launched a website ( through which it is easy to reach more and more people in less time and to walk step by step with the faster-growing world. Through this website of Uthhan, you can easily explore the products made by these craftsmen and also gain information about the products and the craftsmen.




In uthhan the vendors and artisans are benefited from the direct profit. The consumers of  handicraft products get a wide variety of products to choose at reasonable prices. Easy payment options and methods are available for customers. It also has the unique facility of providing customized designs to  prospective customers in line with their needs and desires. There is a huge variety of product categories like Stone carving, Marble carving, Beadwork, Bamboo work, Pottery, antiques, etc with precious products. Like other e-commerce sites, Uthhan does not just focus on profit. Volunteers of Uthhan also give training to artisans to use the application as well.




Uthhan remains the means of employment for the families of more than 10,000 artisans. Since there are no middlemen in Uthhan the prices are affordable as compared to market. In this way, you don’t have to roam from one market to another but can easily find different types of art pieces in one place. You can also give your valuable feedback. In customized design buyers can customize the design as per their choice. These types of designs are trending now in gifting segment.




Disclaimer: The authors are responsible for the above views. Jagran Junction does not confirm any claims or figures.

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