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The top 5 Ecotourism hotspots in Kerela

Jagran Yatra

Jagran Yatra

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  • Periyaar– The wild and the wonderful, of elephants, misty hills and tiger trails- When here go for nature walks, tiger trails, bamboo rafting, night camping
  • RhodoValley– Of the Silent Valley plateau fame and rhodendrons- must try the wilderness camps and the Kadalar Trek
  • Eravikulam –Known for its diverse flora and fauna- Lakhom Falls Trail, watch out for the Atlas Moth and the 20 species of amphibians
  • Konni – Known for its elephant training centre- is a tranquil town with dense forest cover and several estuaries
  • Arippa– Wooded highlands, thick forest plantations-must  go for short treks, bird watching and spend time with the tribal settlements.



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