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We launched videos on our Jagran.Com site three weeks ago. The initial response from our readers has been very encouraging. This step forward for Jagran.Com was a big one since we wanted the ability to serve high quality, buffer-free video to a large global audience.


In our search for a video platform, there were a few things we could not compromise upon. The first and foremost was delivering a great experience to our audience. The second, third and fourth was cost, cost, and cost.


As you are aware the cost of serving video is quite expensive. We needed a solution that would scale but at the same time be cost effective. For this we turned to a very small company – Marcellus. We were quite concerned in terms of using such a small firm .. but the quality of the product, the energetic team and the cost – had us sold. We went ahead with the solution which passed the rigorous standards of testing of both the Jagran and Yahoo teams. The solution leverages the tremendous scale economies of the Amazon Cloudfront CDN. So all in all , we were able to keep our costs under control. This was imperative to enable us to bring more multimedia options to our readers.


Please do take a look at the videos on Jagran.Com and tell us how we can improve our offerings.We do hope that you enjoy the experience.


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