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Are You Swimming Pools Clean?


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When you enjoy your cozy time in your pool, have you thought about whether your swimming pool is clean or not? Do you feel the sandy rugged bottom when you step on it? Have you almost slipped on the stairs because of the algae? If you think in detail, maybe you’ll find there still some more displeasure in your pool.Luxury clarification filter En Vogue.
Charming dissolved air flotation Well-known. How to clean your pool in the right way? Here are some suggestions that you can refer to.
Wall and floor brush
Use manual brushes to wash walls and floor. Don’t treat it as inessential even you have an automatic system. Because the system can still miss some places that only you can clean. So do it at least once a week. Brushes with handles of varying lengths like those have telescoping handles will be better. So you can clean in a large scale of your pool from poolside.
If your pool is surrounded by trees, you many have floating leaves as well as other objects in the pool. You need to remove them before they sink to the bottom, which can increase the efficiency of pool’s circulation and reduce the necessity of chlorine. Also you must get a long-handled net prepared for removing large pieces of debris.
Algae brush
Try to avoid any risk of slipping on stairs and walls in the pool which is very dangerous. Algae brush can help to make bathers more comfortable. Take your time to brush any corner where can grow algae to make the pool clean and safe.
It’s very efficient and useful to use vacuum in cleaning. A pool vacuum works alone or with a pool’s circulations system. Vacuum can suck out the dirt and sand that attached to the bottom. It is a essential tool in your pool’s usual cleaning.
Pool filter
Apart from manual ways of cleaning pool, filter can make your cleaning more efficient and effective. Manual cleaning cannot be the whole part of cleaning pool which will cost so much time and physical power for you to do. At least you can use a sand filter in your pool which can save you a lot of time to make the pool’s bottom and wall crystal clear. Sand filter has its own power supply and usually works with water pump. The pump sucks the water inside, and clean water will be filtered out leaving the sand and other dirt in the sand filter. As well, automatic self-cleaning filter works based on the same theory. They all work as a automatic circulation system. You can count most of your cleaning work on them. You can choose all kinds of filters in this site according to your need and your pool’s situation.

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