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Buddy, I have faith in you,
Spreading my arms to embrace bro,
To add to your arms, crew;
To make four to make enemies mew,
And deliver peace to this nation renew.

I have trust in your hug and arena,
And in my mind, creating an idea;
That my pen giving words galleria;
I pen verses and stories, nostalgia;
About my belief in my heart glee.

With them I live and breathe, million;
I struggle, I love resurrection;
There are arms and arms, billion;
And billions of pen, ready for rebellion;
To compose the brave lesson.

In this universe, to wipe out hunger,
As hunger enchains all and plunder;
Universe has many conquests and anger;
All join as one strong bouncer,
Trust smashes the chain and barrier.

The boundaries, chauvinism,
Banner and on top of all the isms,
Loads of dollars spent on fake mechanism,
To show us spaced out nepotism,
Devoid of trust and optimism.

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