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insoles and foot shapes exactly, during exercise will produce the effect of foot massage, spread his feet when the pressure and stimulation of the feet evenly transmitted to the brain and body, with a relaxing massag

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insoles and foot shapes exactly, during exercise will produce the effect of foot massage, spread his feet when the pressure and stimulation of the feet evenly transmitted to the brain and body, with a relaxing massage nike roshe run baratas of the foot. Warming cool foot shoes and shoes often engaged in field operations and other special walking in low temperature or high temperature environments. To solve the problem of too cold or too hot, designer shoes they have developed a number of special features. China has developed a “light warm foot shoes,” it consists of shoes and the heating element consists of two parts. Sole cushions placed a soft heating element—“warm card chips” chips with two electrodes, connected with the portable power. When the “warm card chip” with the power supply is switched on, the chips convert electricity into light and heat energy, passed to the Plantar and surrounding tissue, improve temperature inside the shoes, and shoes can be the temperature at 40 c-50℃. Overseas company has designed a specially designed for high heat environments wearing shoes. Lining of the shoe selection of insulation materials, left a large gap between the upper and foot, allows people to walk with a stream of air flow, air flow will be cool and comfortable on the foot. Transparency of children’s shoes shoes and alarm when parents buy children’s shoes, the biggest problem is the unclear w

hether shoes fit, children often cry and scream because legs are squeezed. However, this problem would soon be resolved. United States company producing a transparency of children’s shoes, its part of the sole is transparent, just look at the sole, you can see the position of the foot inside the shoe, judging by this shoe if the baby’s foot. Action for blind people is not easy, and United States developed a special shoes for the blind. This kind of shoe uppers are equipped with infra-red sensors, you can make people aware of objects other than 1 m, and according to the location and size of the barrier issue corresponding vibrations. Through a simple training, blind people can clearly understand the different vibrations, and steer clear of obstacles. An ingenious alarm shoes recently in Italy comes out. When Bank staff met when gangsters robbed, simply contact two soles, miniature radio transmitters installed inside a shoe as soon as a signal is sent out alarms audible in the distance. This shoe is also suitable for the financial sector, places such as the Museum of jewelry stores, and warehouse personnel use 1.Pro-MountainBoot, the professional climbing boots, because of extremely harsh environment, th

e heaviest weight of these shoes, very sturdy, warm and great for 6000 m above Alpine hiking boots can withstand-40 ℃ below the cold, but also in such a shoe specialized crampons or snowboarding on the card. 2.MountainShoe leather hiking shoes appropriate for long trips or hiking, is used widely as a shoe. This type of shoe for comfort, durability, weig nike free run 3 baratas t of the shoe is also heavier, bottom? ping Xian (Xian stores) Rui? sole (shoe stores) are mostly made of professional rubber, shoes made of GORE-TEX waterproof breathable material. 3.TrekkingShoe for General hiking shoes, suitable for hiking (hiking stores), hiking, camping and other activities. Typically this shoe lightweight, mostly leather and nylon blend shoe and tread patterns are relatively shallow, and I rarely use professional rubber, generally no waterproof function. This kind of shoes suitable for outdoor activities, but also for everyday wear, the price is cheaper. Northeast network April 28 recently, Ann and Street police station Deputy Director Li peijie chatting with residents heard something new: there are three “armed police” every day in dealing with shoes on the street nearby. “Armed police” selling shoes on the street? Says no, the list

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