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आर्टिस्ट कार्ड क्या है और इसे कैसे बनाएं

Bollywood Artist Card

Bollywood Artist Card

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What is the artist card for a Bollywood actor?

ARTIST CARD is basically a card associated with an organization. It represents your identity as an actor, it also represents you as a member of that organization with which you are associated.

Who needs an Artist Card?

This card is not something which you must have to work in the industry or even to get work. Most of the production houses don’t demand it. But in recent times few production houses have made it mandatory for an artist to have an Artist Card from a reputed organization in order to work or sign the agreement. So you might need it if you are already working in the industry or you are getting into the industry.

Where can I get an Artist Card?

You can get the Artist Card from the Actors Association registered by the Indian Government. Like from – Cine TV Artists Welfare Association

How to Apply for Artist Card?

You can Apply for Artist Card Online from the Association’s website by uploading the documents and making the payment or you can visit their office and get yourself registered offline. Here is the link to get registered with Cine TV Artists Welfare Association Register Now., Address:- Office No. 21 Juhu Ekta BLDG, Near Mohan Medical Store, Juhu Versova Link Road, Kapaswadi, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400053

How much does it cost to get an Artist Card?

An Artist Card can range between Rs2,000 to Rs35,000. It varies from Association to Association. There are lots of Associations that provide Artist Card at different costs. As per Cine TV Artists Welfare Association, they Charge as following-

Cine Tv Artists Welfare Association – The cost of an artist card is 2000/- only What are the benefits of having this Card? If you are having an Artist card of a reputed association then there are lots of benefits that an Artist gets in his professional journey. It not only gives you an identity as an Artist but it also protects your rights as an artist. These associations act for the welfare of artists working in the industry.

Which is the best Association in India to get an Artist Card?

As said Cine Tv Artists Welfare Association / or / CINTA is one of the leading associations. It has excelled a lot over time and has been constantly working for the rights of the artists. It is the most trusted association by the actors working in both the TV and Film industries in India.

Documents required to register for an artist card?
To get an Artist card from Cine Tv Artists Welfare Association you will require the following documents.

Duly filled Membership Form
Current Address Proof (Xerox Copy of any one of these: Electricity Bill/Aadhar Card/Passport/Leave & License/PG Agreement)
Permanent Address Proof (Xerox Copy of any one of these: Electricity Bill/Aadhar Card/Passport)

ID Proof (Xerox copy of any one of these: Pan Card/ Passport /Aadhar Card)
Two (2) Passport Size Photos
At last, let’s clear one of the very common misconceptions between many budding actors and actresses that is “Does having an Artist Card will help them to get work”?

You must understand that having an Artist card has nothing to do with you getting work. Getting work totally depends on the factors like your skills, requirements and many other things. An Artist card is just for the welfare of an Artist.

f you still have any further questions you can visit Cine Tv Artists Welfare Association’s official website: or you can reach us through the comment box below or by reaching the social media handles. Feel free to ask any question you want.

Cine Tv Artists Welfare Association – Contact Details

Email –
Email –

Website –
Address – Office No. 21 Juhu Ekta BLDG, Near Mohan Medical Store, Juhu Versova Link Road, Kapaswadi, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400053


Disclaimer – The author is responsible for the above views. does not confirm any claim, fact, or figure.

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