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Essential Oil



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I guess everyone has heard essential oils/aroma oils once in their lifetime. There are multiple oils available in the market.

In simple terms, essential oils are extracted from a plant. They are the utmost intact resources in the world. In ancient times almost all the medicines were made from the concentrated essence of various flowers, herbs, fruits, and plants, but nowadays we have forgotten the importance of these ancient medicines and using artificial products by imitating natural products.

Even for fragrance, we are copying the natural fragrances of essential oils. As one of the properties of these essential oils is their mesmerizing fragrance so people think that this is the only purpose of essential oil – but let me tell you this is a myth. Essential oils are much more than their fragrance. Scientific results have proven that these oils possess’ medicinal properties.

One of the key benefits of using these oils is that they don’t remain in our body like other conventional medicines.

Essential oils are the most powerful aromatic liquids which nature has given to us. They are extracted from certain species of flowers, grasses, fruits, roots, leaves, stems, and trees. These powerful aroma oils are crucial to the medicine, food, and cosmetic industries. Many of these are the source of chemical copies. Many of the oils are there in the ingredient lists of medicines. In drinks and food, they are used to give natural flavor and aroma and act as a preservative. In the beauty industry, their cell-rejuvenating and beautifying properties are valued.

Every single oil can be used for various purposes. These magical oils can cure your headache, can help you clear an ant’s nest, or may help you with your insomnia. With these oils, you can enhance your healthy lifestyle. You can take control of your well-being.

All you need is understanding to use these oils and see their magic. They not only operate on the cellular, physical level but also on the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level.

These oils shouldn’t be taken orally as it’s the least effective method. Also, they are passed through the digestive system where it encounters food and bacteria with which it can chemically react. They can be applied through the skin – by diluting with massage oils or maybe body lotion or cream, or by inhalation by various methods (they are also known as aroma oils because they are used in aromatherapy).

As I said, essential oils are one integral intact resource. These tremendously complex are extracted from very specific species of plants. We can use these oils to protect our family and home without polluting the surrounding or ourselves with chemicals. It’s just that these are very powerful hence they should be diluted, and we should know how and when to use them

Chetna Madan

Founder BalmTree


Disclaimer: The author are responsible for above views. does not confirm any claims, facts or figures.

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