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Pankaj Udhas’s Astrological Details

ज्योतिष जिज्ञासा

ज्योतिष जिज्ञासा

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Celebrity Details – Pankaj Udhas

Real Name : Pankaj Udhas

Nick Name : Pankaj Udhas

Birth Date : 17 May 1951

Birth Place : Jetpur, Gujarat, India

Astrology Profile of Pankaj Udhas

Sun Sign : Taurus

Symbol : The Bull

Birth Number : 17

Ruling Planet : Venus

Chinese Sign : Rabbit

Type : Earth-Fixed-Negative

Surya Kundli – Pankaj Udhas

pankajudhas suryakundli

Note : This is “Surya Kundli” based on the Sunrise time chart of the Celebrity’s Birth Location.

Yearly Report – Pankaj Udhas

The cosmos has all the ingredients in the air ready to create that ambience which will make you tread the path of spiritual awakening and love this year. The process of contemplation and introspection lets you gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of love and thereby the very purpose of your life. In addition, you will be motivated to discard old practices and embrace new ones. This apart, you will realise the need to be responsible and compassionate about people around you ??? particularly, your loved ones. You will leave no stone unturned in making efforts to provide them with all the necessary comforts in life. Relishing the best of the things available in life and sharing the best of your moments along with your family is a good choice you will be making. Whose company would you prefer will stay on top of your priorities as you tend to be very much particular about spending quality time with your friends. Cherishing the human connections in life and celebrating life will be form the core of all your activities. You will be basking in the spirit of togetherness and displaying love and care with finesse. A rendezvous with an unknown person may sow the seeds of platonic relationship that may last for a life time.

A cornucopia of opportunities surface in your career. Executives can expect an appraisal. Cutting edge solutions that you have developed lead to realisation of maximum yield for the organisation you work with. Entrepreneurs will strike gold in expanding business through new ventures, be it vertical or horizontal integration. The penchant to hit the bullseye and achieving the market share that your firm deserves will motivate you to come up with innovative strategies giving others a run for their money. Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills win you the trust of acquaintances and personnel at the work front. Windfall is expected albeit from an unexpected corner ??? a long forgotten acquaintance perhaps. Seeking the expert advice on financial consultants regarding settlement of issues will enable you gain clarity of thought on where to invest and when to invest. Cumulative wealth accrual which will strengthen your investment portfolio is a possibility.

Biorhythm Report – Pankaj Udhas

Pankaj Udhas


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