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What works are supposed to be assigned or performed?


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It is not supposed to perform all creative and helpful works assigned or suggested.
Take some examples-
1.A student asked me whether i am organizing creative activities like essay writing,quiz competition, debate etc what i was doing in JNV Samastipur.
I think that organizing such activities of words are inferior than activities of actions like legally aiding people free of cost,helping legally to social activists in filing grievances and RTI Applications,filing RTI Applications and grievances by me on law and court directions related issues and fighting for issues like prolonged delay in land acquisition and thereby constructing embankment on farmers land without paying compensation.I have shifted myself from the activities of words to the activities of actions and latter is greater than former.
2.There was the inspection of the NAAC Team in CM College, Darbhanga.Considering that my two research articles in Economics have been published in the College Magazine and was also regularly class attending and good marks obtaining students,i was assigned by a professor of Economics to prepare a Wall Paper on Nobel Laureates in Economics in order to display it on the wall of Economics Department. I was not supposed to prepare Wall Paper.However,i included some students in this project and make prepared and was displayed.In the preparation of same inspection,one another professor of Economics assigned me to collect detailed data as to Socio-economic status of Darbhanga in all fields and it was the work supposed to be assigned to me and i submitted detailed data.
3.Legal Aid Clinic is run by Law School,BHU.It is the first Legal Aid Clinic in India opened by any Law College.Law Students are selected through Written Test,Computer Test and Interview to be member of this Clinic. Due to unavoidable reasons,this year Computer Test could not be conducted. I was selected in written test and called for interview. Legal Aid Works are very rarely assigned to students,rather they are assigned to assist in other activities like preparation of Seminar,volunteering in programmes,working on Computer for various data entries etc.These works are not supposed to be always assigned only to members of Legal Aid Clinic.These works should be assigned to other students too and there should be some rules for same,like assigning these works class wise on rotation basis.I didn’t appear in interview considering that legal aid works are very rarely assigned.In such circumstances, it is better to legally aid people independently.

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