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Today is 27 Feb – On 27 Feb 2002,Godhra Train burning took place and thereafter Gujarat Riots…….

What reports have been presented through and other Modi favouring sites are though very strong in the favour of Modi but i can quash all the logics very easily…

1.Regarding Deployment of Police ,Armed Forces and Issuance Of shoot at sight and preventive detention order by Modi

Deployment of police and armed forces by the Government doesn’t prove that Modi was not involved In Gujarat Riots.I believe that Police saved many muslim people and shot dead many Hindu rioters.Shoot -at-sight order and order for preventive detention was made by Modi on 27 Feb 2002 at 9:45 AM just 1:45 hours after the Godhra Train burning.Such all efforts made by Modi don’t prove that he was not involved.It is the duty of the Government to ensure such efforts.The issue is that how the people were abetted? If police was not involved in abetting people ,then why 24 Police Officers of Gujarat are in prison in the allegation of Gujarat Riots.If Modi was not Involved then why DG Banzara (An IPS Officer who is in jail)has stated Modi’s name and name of Amit Shah as the guilty of Gujarat Riots.Very few police officers were involved in abetting people,not whole police and that’s why police could save many people and shot dead hindu rioters.It was not Modi’s Plan to kill all muslims,it was Modi’s plan to kill some muslims to establish himself as a crusader among Hindus.That’s why preventive detention and shoot at sight order was issued by Modi and that’s why police could save many muslims and kill some hindu rioters in order to fill up Modi’s plan.It should be the noted that even after the shoot at sight order,riots were continued for three days with holocast and with some destructions in subsequent periods.It totally proves that Government was involved,so riots continued even after shoot at sight order.Why the order of preventive detention and shoot at sight was issued on 27 Feb 2002 after the carnage of KarSewaks when no riot had occured?Before the occurence of the Riot,how Modi apprehended that there may be riot?How the rumour spreaded that Muslim has burnt the Karsewaks without any evidence?What is the Evidence of this Fact that Muslim was behind Godhra Train Burning?Such all things prove that the riot was preplanned and thus the order for shoot at sight and preventive detention was issued by Modi.Maya Kodwani and Babu Bajrangi,two ministers of Modi Government have been sentenced to life imprisonment and how the ministers of Modi involved in riot without the prior consent of Modi?
After the Godhra Train Burning,order of preventive detention appears to be reasonable and justfied but the order for shoot at sight is not reasonable and justified.
It should be noted that Godhra Train Burning Occured on 27 Feb 2002 at 8 AM and nothing happened this day and riot spreaded next day.So,it is clear that it was planned on 27 Feb 2002 how to spread riot and it was planned till whole night,so no riot occured on 27 Feb 2002.It is clear that there occured a meeting in the delay night of 27 Feb 2002 presided over by Modi.So it is clear that the planning was finalized in this meeting and thus the riot occured from next day.
It is impossible to not deploy police and armed forces in requisite numbers,if it not be done then Modi could be caught easily.

2.Ragarding Controlling Of Riots within 3 days

Firstly,it should be noted that riots were not controlled within 3 days.Riots were minimized to a large extent within 3 days.If riots were minimized to a large extent within 3 days ,then it never meant that it was due to Modi’s effort.People become involve in riot in sudden incitement and it can’t continued for a long time as usual.Even if Modi would be involved then Modi wouldn’t want to continue riots for more times.

3.Regarding Visting Of George Fernades

If George Fernades,being the Defence Minister Of India,visited Ahmedabad , after the calling of Modi on the second day of riots,it never meat that Modi was not involved.Modi can do such only to show that he is not involved as he issued order of preventive detention and shoot at sight order only to show that he is not involved.Deploying Of Police and Armed Forces in such manner would also be done to show that Modi is not involved.One who is culprit,always try to exhibit and reflect itself in such manner as if he/she is not involved;it is the settled fact of the law.

4.Regarding Delay in lodging Complaint

As it is clear that Zakia Jafri had presented herself as witness before lodging complaint.So there is no question why he lodged complaint after a long gap because she had presented herself as witness.If she would not be witness and then come forward after a long gap to lodge complaint,then her conduct would be doubtful.Being a witness,she was known of the fact but she could not dare to speak for a long time and it is natural to not dare because Modi was standing in front of her and it required a mass support to lodge complaint against Modi and when she got mass support,then she dared to lodge complaint.

5.Regarding Misrepresentation Of Facts and Sectons By Zakia Jafri

It is true that some facts have been misrepresented.
i) Some Officers who were not present in the meeting have been shown present.However,it is possible that these officers would be present,but artificially the record of their absence would be manufactured and shown.Even if it is assumed that some officers were not present in the meeting,then it never meant that Modi was not involved.The main matter is that what happened in the meeting.The matter is not that who was not present because the allegation is imposed on Modi who was present,not against the officers who were allegedly absent.
ii) Where and how the carnage of Karsewaks were brought have been misrepresented by Zakia Jafri.There is no matter where and how the carnage of Karsewaks were brought.The matter is that the same buring of these Karsewaks were presented as the misdeeds of muslims which is a sufficient ground to incite Hindus by Modi and his team who himself presents as Hindu Nationalist.
iii)Two Police Officers namey BS Jebalia and KR Kaushik be involved or not,it never meant that Modi was not involved.
iv)Request for the apply of Section 6 of the Commission of Inquiry Act,Sections of the Protection of Human Rights Act,1993 and section 193 of the IPC can be made by Zafia Jafri which she did.She hasn’t slapped these sections in her complaint.Such sections are slapped by the Concerned commission or the court.

6.Regarding Self-Defense By Eshan Jafri

Section 96 of the IPC provides that nothing is the offence done in exercise of the self defence.Section 97 of the IPC provides that each citizen has the right of self defence.Section 100 of the IPC provides that a person can even commit murder if he/she is likely to be subjected to death,rape,sodomy,grevious hurt etc.Approx 10,000 mobs were gathered around the house of Eshan Jafri and in that condition,if he fired then nothing is the offence.If he would murder,then also nothing would be offence.Only mobs will be held guilty who gathered there to kill him and other muslims.If Mobs were gathered there,then the only intention was to kill muslims residing Inside Gulbarg Society whether he/she may be Eshan Jafri or any..So it is unreasonable to argue that Ehsan Jafri would not be killed,if he would not fire.

7.Regarding Raising Of Modi’s Name after 3 days Riots

The fact is not only confined to that what media reports …A lot of facts remain depressed out of media.So,if media has not reported the name of Modi immediately after the 3 days riots or at the time of riots,it never meant that the name of Modi was created as an Afterthought and he is not involved. It was such circumstances that not a single victim would come forward to accuse state Government as the victims were tensed and fearful .Only by Political party he would be accused that time and i think that congress party was also involved,so Congress Party didn’t accuse Modi at the time of riots or immediately after the riots.

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